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Monday, October 20, 2008

Please Pray with Me ...

Dear friends...

I'm asking you to pray for my sister, Karen. Hurricane Ike ruined her home. She and her husband Bubba live about 30 yards from Calcasieu Lake.

(This pic was taken during better times. Christmas, 2007)

Please pray that God will allow them to receive the maximum amount of insurance money they are due (for structure and contents.) The wave action (pounding the house) caused the walls to buckle away from the floor of the wooden structure. There were snakes in the house and a sewerage pipe was broken by the movement of the house. Sewage was backed-up in their master bedroom.

Karen and Bubba are doing fairly well in spirit, but the stress of the whole thing is weighty. If any of you feel led to help them financially, you can make a check out to Karen Wheat and mail it to their home: 349 Miguel Street; Lake Charles, Louisiana; 70607.

Your prayers are most welcomed. Blessings to you all. love, murphy

This was the view from Karen and Bubba's house on July 4th, 2008.

As we did the inventory, we had to wear masks because of the mold spores and fungus. It took several days to count everything. They had about 20 - 22 inches of water in the house.

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