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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Don't Forget to Say, "I Love You!"

We were diligent about was telling our sons, "I love you." Often, out of the blue, I'd ask, "You know what?" and they'd respond, "Yes, mom, we know you love us ... We know you love us 'this much' " (and they would extend their hands/arms as far out as they could.)

Every once in a while, I'd ask them, "Do you know that you know that you know that I love you?" Without exception, they answered with a rapid-fire affirmative, "Of course, we know!!!" "How do you know?" I asked. "We know by the way you talk to us; the way you treat us; they way you encourage us; and you tell us you love us all the time. Mom, we know you love us!!!!"

Everyday our heavenly Father tells us He loves us. Jesus dying on the cross for our sins was God's way of saying, "I love you thiiiisssss much!" Jesus gave up His live so that we could live. We don't deserve this free gift of life. We can't earn it. We can't lose it. We don't get "more" when we are good nor do we lose any when we sin. Once we have God's spirit indwelling us, we have all that we can have; we have it in perfect measure. God's love is a done deal.

I hope you will grow to believe Him when He expresses His love for you. Sometimes this is difficult for some of us; but He is always truthful. I also hope you will become really good at telling the people closest to you that you love them. They need to hear it; they long to hear it.

By the way, before I forget, I just wanted to tell you, "I love you!"

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