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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dear Senator Landrieu,

I hope you will consider voting against the upcoming stimulus package. There are too many things that are wrong with the bill as it is written. Some are reporting that the "stimulus" package will dole out billions of dollars and perhaps up to one trillion dollars. In times of economic crisis, we don't need knee-jerk reactions where we literally throw good money after bad. We need leaders who will actually think and layout very precise ways that government money will be allocated. Usually when people do things "fast" there are a multitude of mistakes made in the name of urgency.

If the US government proceeds with the current bill, our currency will almost inevitably become grossly inflated rendering it practically worthless.

Here are a few examples of the wasteful spending in the current Senate stimulus package:

• $20 million for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to remove small and mid-sized fish barriers
• $1 billion for the 2010 census
• $600 million for the federal government to purchase energy efficient vehicles
• $500 million for NASA climate change studies
• $850 million to bail out Amtrak
• $100 million for the Department of Defense to purchase hybrid vehicles
• $2.25 billion for groups engaged in neighborhood stabilization programs, such as ACORN and other entities

I am really appealing to your sense of good judgment about appropriating so much money without the proper stipulations and oversight. It has been reported that some of the spending package that was passed during the 2008 campaign was used for renovating some one's office at a cost of $900,000 complete with a $30,000 dollar toilet.

How can we ever possibly balance the US budget if such a stimulus package is passed into law? In my opinion, this is tantamount to fiscal irresponsibility.

I would hope that you and Sen. David Vitter could attempt to revise/rewrite the proposal and make it more geared to the creation of jobs for the multitudes of Americans who are struggling. At the present time, the items being funded in the current stimulus plan do not guarantee the creation of jobs.

I think that overall you have done an outstanding job for Louisiana. I know you care deeply about our state and its future. I believe you care just as much about our country and the welfare of all citizens. Please vote against the current bill as it is written. It is literally painful to know / think that our federal officials are approaching these desperate times in this manner. I did not read this quote personally in the paper, but it has been said that House Speaker Nancy Pelowsi did not care what the money was going to. She just wanted the bill passed. If this comment is true ... it is an outrageous statement.

Please consider writing a bill that is well thought out, organized, and intentional concerning the recipients of the funds. Alternatively, you could implement major tax credits which would immediately put money into the hands of tax payers. It is ludicrous to give a tax refund or tax credit to people who do not actually pay income taxes. Isn't this comparable to a socialist society? I can't comprehend such a thing in a democratic; free enterprise society.

I have written recently and I am not trying to bother you or bombard you. I am simply asking that you give weight to the idea that current plan is not worthy of your support. If you disagree, please respond to my email(s) and let me know what your thinking is about the current bill. And again, I am a registered Louisiana Democrat since 1970.

With best personal regards and respect,
Murphy Toerner
Baton Rouge, LA

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