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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Five Traumas

Dr. Terry Wardle, Ashland Theological Seminary, has described five types of trauma:

Type A - not getting what a child (legitimately) needs in the early developmental stages of life.
Comes in the form of withholding -- touch, love, safety, positive affirmations. Impacts how a
child sees the world around them.

Type B - getting what a child does not need in the early developmental stages of life. Comes in
the form of punishment, abuse (sexual, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), criticism, etc.
Impacts how a child sees himself or herself.

Type C - event trauma    This happens in our environment -- accidents, natural disasters

Type D - betrayal trauma     When someone betrays a sacred trust. It is a betrayal because of a power differential or age differential. One person holds significant influence over another. Examples: coach, teacher, parent, step-parent, member of extended family, and/or older sibling.

Type E - sustained duress    This is the "water torture" of trauma. The exposure is persistent and pervasive and causes the person to "wear" the trauma. (You're stupid!) Constant message that you are less than others around you.

Look at each of these carefully.

Do you recognize any of them (or all of them) being present in your life?

How has trauma impacted you?

Have you sought help or are you trying to hanging there and let it dissipate on its own?

Is there anything the Lord wants you to do right now?

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