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Monday, June 15, 2009

Living in Community

Life on earth is treacherous. No one escapes injury. No one!

From most vantage points, Earth looks like a beautiful place. No one suspects the degrees of darkness and danger inherently present. Originally, Earth was created to be a garden.  Since the Fall of Man, it's been relegated to hell on earth.  Satan and his minions, the evil ways and philosophies of the world, and the indwelling principle of flesh wreak havoc.  From our first breath to our last, we undergo intense, intentional, and continual assaults on our persons and our environment.

Most often, we are hurt by those closest to us.  The culprits of our demise include our: mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers (other extended family members), friends, co-workers, and/or bosses. The proximity of close relationships and the frequency of interactions insure multiple opportunities for injurious exchanges.  When injured, our responses include: concealing, denying, minimizing, rationalizing, intellectualizing, or excusing the injury.  If multiple injuries are sustained, most of us will isolate in an effort to protect ourselves from further harm.  The bad thing about isolation is it leads to eccentricity.  In the case of a life-time of on-going injuries, our perspective about life, God, people, ourselves, safety, risk, reality and truth is thoroughly affected.   

Although we are HURT in community; our greatest chance to HEAL is in community.   Healing takes place when there are people in our lives who care and love us extravagantly.  We heal when someone has the courage to look at our dark junk, sit in it with us, and refuse to run away or abandon us. We heal when we are loved with the love of Jesus Christ as He manifests Himself through brothers and sisters in Christ.  

What is your "community" like?  Do you have one?  Do you have one person in your life who will walk with you as you journey toward God?  Are you a safe person for those around you? These are important questions.  Take some time to ponder them.  Ask the Lord for direction on how to be a vibrant part of a Godly community.  


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