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Monday, June 25, 2012

Holding God in Your Debt

Is it possible for a person to "hold God in their debt?"   Yes.  It is possible.  

Holding God in your debt is when you hold on to your anger, frustration, annoyance, dissatisfaction, disappointment, and discouragement about life, love, success, failure, happiness, sadness, dashed dreams and unmet goals and you blame God for everything.

Blaming God is rooted in the thought that if God is sovereign, then He could have brought to fruition the things that you wanted or the things you thought you deserved.  You're upset with God because He did not do something or give you something that from your perspective was a "no brainer." So, when God did NOT solve the situation the way you'd hoped or thought was best, when He did not rescue you from a consequence that you deserved, when He did not resolve the burden you were carrying, when He did not come through for you in the way you were demanding, you assumed that He was not really a good Father or a loving Father.  

In your disappointment, you became angry and disgruntled. You may have thought something like, "You're God! You could have solved this; resolved this; intervened in this.  But you didn't. Why? Don't you care about me? Don't you love me? Don't you understand how much this situation is going to hurt me?!?!?!"  When any of us think like this, in actuality we are "holding God in our debt."  We believe that God OWES us something and we will hold this over His head until we get what we want from Him.

This is a terrible mistake.  If you are doing this right now, humble yourself before the Father in Heaven and repent.  

I don't know why God did not intervene in the way that seemed so right or logical to you. What I do know is ~ God is totally wise and sovereign.  He is a perfectly loving Father.  He always deserves our love and obedience whether we understand what He does or doesn't do.  He is God and we, as Christians, are His children.  

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