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I enjoy helping people. I am an encourager and I can see the good in others. I want people to understand what it means to be an authentic Christian and not just a religious "nut." I believe if Christians lived and loved others as Jesus lived and loved others, we would experience more of heaven on earth than hell on earth. These thoughts and writings are intended to encourage you to be who God originally designed you to be. They are also intended to challenge you and make you think. Also, I want you to know that I'm praying for you every day. Blessings, Murphy Blessings to you, Murphy

Saturday, March 28, 2009

All Things ...

Everything that happens to you is for your own good.  If the waves roll against you, it only speeds your ship toward the port.  If lighting and thunder comes, it clears the atmosphere and promotes your sol's health.   You gain by loss, you grow healthy in sickness, you live by dying, and you are made rich in losses.

Could you ask for a better promise?  It is better that all things should work for my good than all things should be as I would wish to have them.  All things might work for my pleasure and yet might all work my ruin.  Of all things do not always please me, they will always benefit me.

This is the best promise of this life.           -- Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Do you believe this promise?  
Is the God you worship big enough to cause everything to work together for your good?
Are  you quick to blame God because he did not "perform" for you?
In your current situation, what is God trying to work into your life?

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  1. All my life I have found HIS promises to be true - maybe not other people's promises or one's I made to myself - but HE has always turned ALL things for my benefit!! Sometimes it took me a while to see that, but even then HE was the One to open my eyes!