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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Wide Open Spaces of God

Photos by M. Toerner; 3/2009; Chapel Women's Retreat 

If you have not yet read The Wide Open Spaces of God by Beth Booram, you need to.  This is a poignant book about the various stages of life through which we navigate.   

Some stages will be familiar to you:  the valley of darkness, the valley of light; the valley of transition, the valley of the shadow of death; the valley of discouragement, the plateau of praise and worship; the valley of green pastures and quiet waters.  

Do you know these places?  Some of you know a few; others know them all.  

Being in a specific "landscape" is not bad; it just is.  If you are struggling with depression, it is not because one morning you woke up and said, "I know what.  I want to get severely depressed today.  I want the depression to overwhelm me so I can know the faithfulness of Jesus."  Most assuredly you did not do such a thing.   If you are in the valley of the shadow of death, you probably did not see it coming.  However, once you entered that place, your only way out was through the faithful guidance of the Lord Jesus.  

If you are currently in a green pasture, if you are experiencing the Father's peace, then you are truly blessed.   God gives heavenly peace to His children.  May His peace bring rest and hope to your weary soul.  May His peace linger heavily upon you.  May His grace, mercy, hope, and forgiveness enable you to rise above the fray.   



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