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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Be Careful; Be Watchful

(Photo by M Toerner; 12/2007)

We observe people day in and day out; people at work, loved ones, friends, people on the street. When we look at a person, we are unaware of the invisible "filters" we use to assess them. Yet, we consistently and persistently use such filters. They probably go hand in hand with the workings of our flesh.

Our assessment filters are like the blinds on a dirty window. The dirt and smudges corrupt and taint the view. We can "see" things, we can make things out, but we don't always see things clearly. Dirt and smudges distort our comprehension. Window blinds restrict light, clarity, and brightness.

We try to see clearly, but we can't; not because we don't want to. It's because we are prevented from doing so. We might look through this window (the above picture) and say, "Is the person on the right my sister? No, ... well, maybe ... I can't be sure." When we draw major conclusions about others because we think we KNOW or SEE pieces of evidence, we still need to be careful. God doesn't want us to make judgments of others. He knows that filters, dirty windows, and partially closed blinds, obstruct our vision. Be careful about judgments you make of others. Our vision is often obstructed.

Be careful; be watchful; reserve judgment.

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