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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Learn the Lesson

Something to think about:

We are going to mess up. It is inevitable because of our humanity. It is impossible for any human being to be perfect. Don't get me wrong, there are times when we excel and our performances are good, consistent, and sublime. Yet, in time, we will mess up because we can't sustain perfect levels of performance or excellence.

Have you "messed up" lately? Have you done something that you are ashamed of or deeply regret? Most of us, if not all of us, could answer in the affirmative. Are you stuck in beating yourself up because of your mistakes? Are you stuck in feeling overwhelming guilt about some legal or moral failure? If you are, I want to give you some hope.

God expects you to fail; in the same way that a parent knows that their one year old baby will fall and hit his/her chin on the living room coffee table as they learn to walk. All parents KNOW the "fall" is going to happen. They just don't know the exact time. God accepts our failures because He remembers we are dust; we are frail (Psalm 103). He is not angry when we fail. He cares more about what we do after we fail. He cares about us learning the lessons from our failures.

He wants you to learn from your mistakes.
He wants you to yield to the conviction of His Holy Spirit.
He wants you to realize that the CONSEQUENCES that befall you will get bigger and badder as you grow older; so learn early and learn quickly.

He wants you to learn from your mistakes.
Learn to turn to Him.
Learn to trust Him.
Learn that the fun you were pursuing is not worth the consequences you will pay for your sin.
He wants you to take sin seriously.
Again, He wants you to learn the lessons from your failures.

If you recently failed in any way; please, please please humble yourself under the mighty hand of God; and He will exalt you in the proper time (I Peter 5:8).

When you get caught, don't get mad ... That only leads to wasted energy.
When you get caught, choose to change. Choose to follow God. Choose to pursue virtue. You will never regret doing the right thing. Never!

Much love,

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  1. This is a very powerful message and is so true! Thanks Murphy.