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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Drawn By Beauty

(Photo by M. Toerner, 12/2005)

One day after church, my family went to eat lunch and as we visited, our younger son spoke of how much he loves Louisiana (and the South.) He commented that Louisiana will always be his "home."

We talked about several things that made Louisiana so attractive to us, like: the weather is mild (semi-tropical), the food is out of this world (or not of this world), the people are genuinely warm and caring, and on top of that ... south Louisiana is beautiful because of the lush, green vegetation. It is a beautiful place to live.

There are other beautiful things to be seen and found in Louisiana: the sunsets and beaches, the flowers and fauna, the varieties of terrain, the colors displayed in everything that can be seen. Even the people are interesting and colorful. The traditions are captivating. It is wonderful to behold.

Almost without exception, our eyes are drawn to that which is beautiful; whether it is a beautiful painting, a beautiful person, or a beautiful pastoral scene. Human beings love to gaze upon God's amazing and awe inspiring creation.
Everything we take in through our senses, is mesmerizing. Man enjoys beauty, God is captivated by it. Think of places like the Grand Canyon, California, Louisiana, Colorado, Maine, and the Gulf Coast. Think of watching a renown ballet or a well-rehearsed symphony. Think of all the plays and musicals on Broadway in NYC. Each one has a unique beauty of its own.

In heaven, when we finally see God face to face, we will be overwhelmed by His beauty and glory. If most people fall down to the ground on their faces when an angel appears, what will it be like to be in the presence of God Almighty. Surely, it will be more exhilarating than we can think or imagine. The cool thing about God is that even His graciousness if beautiful. When we fall on our faces in worship, He will surely lift our heads and welcome us into His presence.

Take a moment and think about what you consider beautiful. It might be a person, place, or thing. It might be your spouse or your children. It might be a job well done or dearly loved piece of terrain. Perhaps you love a piece of music or watching a sport played well. A person's voice might be beautiful because it is melodic and warm. A sunrise or a sunset, a painting, or a poster could catch your attention. The craftsmanship of a beautiful church, a hand-carved alter, or a piece of stain glass might fulfill your definition of beauty. Beauty can literally be found in anything. It is all around us.

Whatever you think is beautiful, take a few moments and thank God for it. Thank God for that beautiful sight, scene, person, or moment. Thank God for the opportunity to appreciate His creativity. Thank God for instilling within you a distinct sense of beauty. Tell Him that you are waiting to see the ultimate expression of His beauty ... His face.

Praise the Lord.

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